Sunday, October 21, 2012


WARNING: This is an informal review. I'm gonna be too lazy to copy paste the blurb so you'll have to look it up yourself, but I swear, reading this book will be the most life changing thing you will ever do in the span of your life. You won't freaking regret picking up this book, take my word for it. This is just my lame attempt of appeasing myself, calming my emotions down and trying to get over this book. Because that's just how I am. When I come across an awe-inspiring book I tend to not dwell too much on it and move on as fast as I could because there's no point in gushing over something that I've already read. And sometimes what's done is done and we just have to accept it. So now I'm in stage one.... Denial.... In denial that I have encountered this masterpiece and that I am done reading and devouring every single page of it. So you've been warned.. some thoughts may be repetitive, unoriginal, jumbled, incoherent and cliche... but it is 100% truth.

The Sea of Tranquility