Saturday, March 31, 2012

Cover madness (and everything in between): Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire

Did you know that Beautiful Disaster originally came out as an e-book? It was written by an indie author namely Jamie McGuire and of course as an e-book there were no hard copies of this amazingly, insanely out-of-this-world beautiful writing published.

E-book cover VS. Hard Copy cover :

Beautiful Disaster   VS.  Beautiful Disaster

Honestly, I like the e-book cover better than the hard copy cover. The e-book cover is more befitting given the story line and that it is a contemporary YA novel compared to the other one, don't you think? It screams more personality and will make you agree that indeed, it is a Beautiful Disaster :-)

Let us pause for a moment to swoon over our bad boy, hot-tempered, obsessive, possessive, chick-magnet, bare knuckle fighter book boyfriend, TRAVIS MADDOX :x

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  1. I love the eBook cover! It's the one I had originally.