Monday, March 19, 2012

Newb.. :O

I should be studying than spending time figuring out how to create my own book blog.... but I just can't help it! Ever since I've decided to commit myself more into reading Young-adult books I felt the NEED to create my own book blog and start reviewing the awesome YA books I've read that most definitely deserve recognition and heartfelt reviews. The reviews I post in goodreads don't do justice (I'm so sorry) on how mind-blowing they are. And also... I need a hobby! I mean besides indulging into the realms of YA books but being unable to share how I feel about them.. I need an outlet! And this is the solution to my dilemma. Now I am not promising anything. I won't promise that I will be able to update this every now and then because I've got to be honest.. studies still comes first-- the top of my priorities. This book blog site is purely out of my love for YA books and my need to get away from reality :-) After a week, expect me to start posting about book reviews and as well as the same stuffs that go through a book blog ;-) 

Here's a peek at my Calibre! :>


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    1. Hello Krazyyme! Sooo glad that you found time to visit my blog! :-D I've been tweaking the layout the whole day so sorry if you came upon it a mess! Isn't Calibre very helpful?? :D